Group Training Runs

Are you looking for a training group? Weekly runs? Are you training for an upcoming race? Marathon? Are you new to running and looking for some advice regarding your training?

Why pay to join one of the local training programs to give you a route and a water jug when you just want someone to run with, a place to train, water fountains, and training advice? Second Sole of Delaware is leading group runs every Saturday morning at Highbanks Metro Park. Highbanks is one the nicest running location in central Ohio due to the crushed gravel travel, rolling hills, and beautiful scenery. It is located on US 23 about 3 miles north of I-270 (just before Powell Road).

Join us every Saturday morning for group training. Arrive early enough to be ready to run at 7:30 AM. We meet at the third parking lot of the Oak Coves Picnic Area (see map below). We'll plan on running one or two complete loops (7 or 14 miles) but can help you with a route if you want to do a different distance.