Are you a women that needs more support from a sports bra? We are one of the few dealers in the entire midwest that carry Enell. Mentioned by Oprah and numerous womens fitness magazines as THE best sports bra for a women needing additional support. This sports bra is a favorite of runners, horseback riders, hikers, or just daily wear.

This specially made sports bras do not use conventional sizing so it's always best to come in a try one on. Sizes start at 00 and go up to size 7.


"I bought this sports bra so my 16 year old daughter could play softball and volleyball more comfortably, but she lives in her new sports bra! It is so comfortable, she wears it everywhere, and this coming from a girl who only wears fashion name clothing. The only way I'm going to be able to wash it is to get her another one. Thanks!"

"I am a very large active woman. And I want to thank you for making such a comfortable well fitting bra for women that are bigger. Society often believes that larger women are lazy and inactive but a big portion of us are not. I love to lead an active life and with the help of your bra I know that I will be able to walk further, climb higher, and feel better than I have ever felt before in my normal tatty un-fit for exercise bra."